Sound of Data Goes "end-to-end development"

Sound of Data has chosen to merge its two development teams, 'front end' and 'back end', and to split them to create two new Scrum teams in which knowledge and skills are balanced. In other words, for the first time Sound of Data has two "end-to-end development" Scrum Teams. Each team has its 'own' Scrum Master and its 'own' Product Owner.

Both teams are evenly divided in terms of experience and discipline. Sound of Data is committed to a certain degree of stability and to delivering "shippable" products or functionalities. Every sprint again. This means that there will be end-to-end development. Therefore, the two new teams are created which are logically linked together in terms of mix of competencies.

Sound of Data is convinced that these vertical Scrum teams contribute to the success and growth of the entire company.