Sound of Data is the one stop shop for inbound voice services on a global scale. We are specialized in registering, activating and managing service numbers of any kind, around the world.

We provide:

  • one single point of contact
  • management of all global inbound number requests
  • routing of all inbound calls to any destination worldwide
  • centralized reporting and invoicing
  • additional IVR services

Check out the choices of numbers below and see which fit your company best. 

Reliable technology

We support your expansion plans into other countries or regions in the world. You don’t have to be physically present in a country to personally connect with customers. We can route a local number to just about anywhere. Technologies used are Voice over IP (VoIP) and traditional PSTN.

What do we provide?

  • our own voice platform
  • contingency and overflow routing options to optimize the availability of your customer services
  • any choice of numbers
  • various IVR options, such as priority queues, availability routing, peak-time solutions and more

Choice of numbers

  • Freephone: make it easy for your customers to get in touch with you through a freephone / toll free service number. Customers easily recognize a number that is free of charge and they are also more likely to call a free number than a number they have to pay for. This kind of number is ideal for customer service or helpdesk. Each country in the world has different formats for local toll free numbers. Get in touch today and find out how to set up your local number.
  • Shared cost: shared cost numbers are the way to go if you’d like your customers to share part of the costs but don’t want to charge your customers the full price of transferring your calls internationally. Various rates are available. These numbers are available in several countries and not tied to a geographical area.
  • Premium rate: premium rate numbers not only cover the telecom costs, but they can even provide an extra source of income depending on the rate you choose. Each country has various rates available depending on the type of service you provide. These numbers can only be called domestically but can be routed to any desired location in the world.

Choice of numbers

  • Non)-Geographical:
    • a geographic number is a number that starts with an area code related to a geographic location in a country. This is how telephone numbers came into being originally. Customers pay the regular local rate. Nowadays geographic numbers can be routed to different locations in the world. Geographic numbers can also be considered shared cost numbers.
    • A non-geographic number isn’t related to a geographic location in a country. Most countries have non-geographic sequences that are charged in the same way as geographic numbers, so for the customer it feels like a local number. Companies often use these to have the same kind of number for different offices in the same country. The number is then routed to a specific office. In case of moving, this has a significant advantage over a geographic number. Technically speaking, freephone, premium and shared costs numbers are also non-geographic numbers.

Global coverage of freephone, shared cost, premium rate and (non-)geographic service numbers

Already using service numbers?

If you have service numbers activated elsewhere, we can easily transfer those to Sound of Data, so that you have one point of contact to manage all your international service numbers. Contact us for more information on costs and lead time.

Numbers available off the shelf

Need an (inter)national number quickly? Contact us and see which numbers we have available for you. These numbers can be activated within 24 hours.


  • Global coverage of freephone, shared cost, premium rate and (non-)geographic numbers
  • One point of contact for all your questions
  • Routing of incoming calls to every conceivable destination
  • No worries about local regulations
  • A central overview of all your inbound calls
  • One clear and detailed monthly invoice
  • Competitive prices
  • Additional services to these upon request

One-stop-shop for global service numbers

Want to outsource your (inter)national service number management?

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