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Optimal service with minimal capacity

“As a modern customer I expect to be helped immediately, quickly and adequately. I simply will not accept being put in a telephone queue or being treated impersonally.”

Sound of Data enables optimal service with minimal capacity. Many of our clients use our voice platform to channel incoming calls towards the customer service desk. But also to offer outstanding service to your customer through self-service without employee involvement (IVR solutions).

Voice solutions

In unforeseen circumstances and at call center peak times, you can use our platform to stay in touch with your customer in the queue. You can offer to call the customer back when it’s less busy. Alternatively, our platform can send a text message to the customer when the queues have disappeared. Please click here for more options and advantages of this peak-time solution.

In addition, the voice platform offers the possibility to make outbound voice calls worldwide at extremely competitive prices.

In short, there are plenty of ways to optimize the accessibility of your organization. Thanks to our platform – capable of handling no less than 5,000 calls at the same time – your clients never have to wait in line and you experience all the benefits of customer care services in the cloud.

Sound of Data voice platform

Voice Solutions

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