Voting & Live TV interaction services

“Voting & Live TV interaction services”

Sound of Data is the number 1 service provider in the Netherlands for high-volume live interaction on radio and TV. Our mass-voting platform is able to process millions of interactions during a live broadcast. Renowned formats such as The Voice of Holland, Junior Eurovision Song Contest, Gouden Loekie, Televizierring, Idols and the like depend on our technology and expertise to ensure that voting is processed adequately and correctly.

We are a partner of RTL Nederland (TVOH, SYTYCD and the like) as well as voting partner of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest.


Multi-channel interaction platform

Sound of Data is specialized in facilitating live interaction for media. What started with the telephone has meanwhile advanced to a multi-channel interaction platform that can process voting, views and opinions through:

  • the telephone: “call 0909 1234 and vote for Dave”
  • sms: “vote for Dave? Text ‘Dave’ to 3131”
  • in-app: “you will be offered a complimentary vote by [sponsor]. Vote now for your favorite candidate and you may win a [prize]”
  • social media: Twitter and Facebook, for example
  • online: polls, for example

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Want to learn more about the possibilities of live interaction with your viewers?

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